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 Empire resoures

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PostSubject: Empire resoures   Empire resoures Icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 11:41 am

Empire resources

This is what the hole empire has at the moment

0 Toolboxes (Building wind mills)
14 Saw (Sawing wood)
29 Maps (Exploration)
21 Rolls of cloth (Trading)
9 Cotton (Picking cotton)
8 Hammers (Repair fences)
10 Spades (Build irrigation system)
13 Beaver traps (Beaver hunt)
0 Sledge hammers (Building a bridge)
0 Nails (Constructing a ranch house)
20 Planers (Building coffins)
2 Flags (Carving out claims)
9 Confederate flag (Building a fort)
0 Ship's bells (Steering a paddle steamer)
0 Oil (Drilling for oil)
13 Lasso (Catching horses)
1 Roll of wire (Setting up telegraph posts)
7 Granite blocks (Granite mining)
291 Wood (clearing the forest)
5 Silver (silver mining)
39 Barbed Wire (installing a barbed wire fence)
2 Union Flag (guarding the fort)
0 iron rods (iron mining)

Empire resoures Marksig
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Empire resoures
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