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 All you need to know. Mandatory read.

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All you need to know. Mandatory read. Empty
PostSubject: All you need to know. Mandatory read.   All you need to know. Mandatory read. Icon_minitimeSat Apr 25, 2009 2:26 pm

1. The West is a game, have fun with it!
2. We are now all part of something bigger than any individual, we need to work together.
3. Everyone needs to be active enough to be self sufficient, we are a family and will help each other.. But it gives no one the right to slack.
4. Donate to the treasury according to what you can afford.
5. Prolonged periods of inactivity are not allowed. Edited: Unfortunately there are no official options for a sitter and to give your password to another for the duration of your inactivity is against the rules. So.. When you join this town.. It is much like the Mafia.. For Live!
6. All Members must be active in the forum. THIS IS ALSO MANDATORY. Please if you haven't taken a look please do. Your voice is very important to all of us.
7. All new town members, please go to the Saloon and tell a little about yourself under "Who are you?"
8. You will at all times treat all members of this family empire with dignity and respect.
9. You are not allowed to build. You need permission if you not in a building team.

And last but not least. It is mandatory to register on this message board Very Happy
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All you need to know. Mandatory read.
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